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Ol' Ant | Chant for our home

Chant this for the home
so drained by our kind!

Chant for the ocean, the creek, and the loam

at the mercy of a loony mind.

Let's chew on these words, share this call,

and break off the race toward the fall.

Let's fill all brains with chant,

and let them chant for ever more:

Earth is essential for all that we plant

to adore, scorn or ignore.

Let's remain aware that Earth means all!

And flare up this care, keep this ball.


Can we tame this amazing hive?

Let's not think about it now!

There’s no doubt that we’re alive

only while we love and plough.

Hence, while this chant lasts, we shall see.

After all, every lock has a key.

Chant and chant like a conscious crowd,

with a voice that will not stall.

Chant as The One and chant aloud

notwithstanding deafened walls.

And imagine well - it will be!

Divine flairs weep chained! Set them free!


Chant, and chant, through the common jams

where settled follies might prevail.

Chant and chant despite these dams

that slow us down to fail.

Well, never mind, we're the flow

of the decent flood born to grow…

to reach those drunk with madness

with a hug that's always wide…

to endure the touch of stony badness

in the desert of an empty pride.

No matter what, chant to tow!

With a force that deplores the status quo. 


Let’s chant against the gloom

established by unbridled greed.

Chant with the wave of the mighty bloom

which yields an enlightened seed.

No wandering! Just chant and chant and chant and chant…

'cause we have no time to rave and rant.

Really, how to dance in this crystal hall

if we dull its vibrant sound?

And why we tend to fly at all

without a harbour on the ground?

Instead of that – land to chant

where every cricket within - steels its ant!


Chant as a sentient kind in a maze

with a faith that we're breaking through.

To leave the bottom of the daze

choose a love sown in open view…

knowing it's all the same: they, we, you…

where's no other home than this zoo!

So, chant now from the knowledge slime

without fear of the sea of new.

It seems that our place in space-time

won't be filled by another crew.

We have no choice, but to chant and chant! And chant anew!

In other words: chant to - do.


* Following the slightly adjusted tune of „Fly Me to the Moon“ (originally titled „In Other Words)“ composed by Bart Howard (1954).

** The text presents the central scene in the tryptich „Flow in the womb since the key millennium“ (Ol' Ant, 2024).

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