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Ol' Ant | Our Child

Following a twinkling foam sown in the age of blindness,
toward the flume which decoyed our honey dreams

where the gnome of introversion met an instant gladness,

our lonely Child is skying now straight downstream…

Thrilled with ill dreams

where “mine” mucks „I“,

the Child just gleams

to calm the moon.

From greed to scream

through candied lies

all rotten schemes

will go down soon.

Sorrowing for the holy loam blown in the age of madness

when the fume was destroying our funny dreams

and where the roam around graveyards meets an immense sadness,

our loony Child is dying now straight downstream…

Milled by extremes

and lullabies

the Child beseems

the maimed commune.

But seeding teams

dismiss vain whys

where contrite beams

rinse their lagoon.

Treasuring their wounded home crowned in the age of kindness

when the womb will employ their runny dreams

and where the dome of sharing goodness will meet a genuine grandness,

our lovely Child is sighing now straight downstream…

To weed the themes

by gaping eyes

the Child redeems

the cosmic tune.

This breed esteems

the common pie

where „We“ will gleam

to face the moon.

Filled with the dream

that roots can fly

the Child will teem

a joint croon.

Skilled in the seam

which heals the sky

at first they'll stream

to green the dune.


* Following the tune of the Croatian chanson „Stari Pjer“ („Old Pierre“) written by Đorđe Novković and originally performed by Ivica Percl (1968), which became world-famous (with independent lyrics by Michel Jourdan) recorded by Nana Mouskouri („Dans le soleil et dans le vent“, 1969).

** The text presents the left scene in the tryptich „Flow in the womb since the key millennium“ (Ol' Ant, 2024).

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