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Ol' Ant | TUNE 3030

Grande Mata, named Floresta in Pure Story,

were you really like an ocean full of Green?

I can't imagine such a range of living glory

where there is nothing now but bare dunes – our scene!

While you crooned to tempt a pilot, minha Mãe,

did he dive in Holy Shadow of your breasts

to perceive the mystic smile of being,

sensing who he is, and where he comes from?

Have you been the mightiest Queen of Mãezonas?

Or, as a soothing vision, you're just healing our minds?


No doubt you're also from Bossa Nova, oh, my Amazy!

The Goddess' grace bloomed an emerald pleasure in your grateful crowns!

But I wonder if Her rhythm of leisure drove you as crazy

as us when we rest inside our blessed dome towns…

in case

we don't cry

when grouches try

to place their guesses


every word

and thought

can wound us

like lit awls:

Went to ruin

among Souls?!

To raze Floresta?!

That They


fell there!?

And that They

died there!?

Não! Não!!

Oh, holy Green!?

Just be the dream, Amazonas,

born as a lovely solace for this beaten world!

Minha Mãe, my Amazy…


(Oh, our Green, Who art in heaven,

hallowed be Thy name; Thy kingdom come;

Thy Will be done under domes as it is in heaven.

Oh, Holy Shadow, the force of Bossa Nova,

let's praise Her fame 'cause the time has come

when Her pulse is plain under domes as it is in heaven. 

Now, being thankful for all gained grace,

humble in the deepest redemption,

stumbled in the desert temptation,

we forgive parents for their misdeeds

and hope this will meet our needs;

Oh, our Green, …)


 * Following the (somewhere slightly modified) melody of „Mona Lisa“ composed by hl.sps. (holy specimens) Ray Evans and Jay Livingstone, which used to be, performed by the hl.sp. Nat King Cole, one of the most popular songs among Homo sapiens mammals of Earth, the planet with still exceptionally high levels of Green saturation in the distant galaxy they named Milky Way.

** The last part of the text (in parentheses), as a frequent contemplative chorus of many of our songs related to our liturgical practice in worship of the Goddesshead Trinity (Goddess the Bossa Nova, Goddess the Green and Goddess the Holy Shadow; see the holy books of „Pure Story“ for more details), follows the melody of „Garota de Ipanema“ from the same source (more precisely from one of its greenest parts they named Brazil), composed by the hl. sp. Antonio Carlos Jobim.

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