četvrtak, 6. srpnja 2023.

Ol' Ant | Let's think again

(To heal our Body! Strain those brains!

Oh, who says they're drained?

We're gonna squeeze this song and we won't take long

before we race to think and brace the folly sink:)

Let's dive and think again in the Fall of Summer!

Now! Let's think again as we know we can!

And free the brain, spurn the devil's drummer!

Come on, let's think again to seed the forceful plan.

Brightly down, but don't be drowned in all this pain!

Knightly dive to sightly thrive the wisdom grain!

To ascertain who, what, why and how,

just think again – thinkin' time is now.

(Who's that, diving down there?

Is it a fool? No.

Is it a mule? No.

Maybe, the thinker? Aye!)

Let's join and think again for the Spring of Winter

while we build the chain able to restrain

all inhumane planted by the minter

who twists and foams to feign hardenin' his reign.

Hence knightly dive to sightly thrive the wisdom grain

being sure it is the cure to catch again

the wave of sane in the common vein

that feeds the strength to plough who, what, why and how.

Kin, please! Let's think again, 'cause the crucial time is – now.


*Following the tune of „Let's twist again“ (Kal Mann & Dave Appell; 1961.) which became world-famous recorded by Chubby Checker.

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